Bay Windows

Add a focal point to any room with our bay windows in Orlando for Your Home across Central Florida communities. Often, windows can be overlooked as design elements in rooms. After all, it can be easy to think of windows as only single- or double-hung, glass rectangles. Many homeowners don’t think of them as much more than a source of natural light. But, by embracing different window styles, like the timeless bay window, you can utterly transform any room and create an architectural feature that boosts your home’s curb appeal.

Bay windows are composed of three window sections that project outward from a home to create both an expansive vista with loads of natural light as well as a usable interior space. Both the height of the windows as well as their outward projection is completely customizable. In fact, the amount of space you dedicate to your bay window can have a dramatic effect on your home’s appearance and the way the interior space of the room feels.

For instance, the alcove created by a bay window is popular in kitchens for opening up cramped spaces and adding a huge source of natural light. A slightly larger opening can give you useful shelf space in a home office or study. By pushing the windows farther away from your house, you can create spaces that range in size from a reading nook to a sofa-sized seating area. Larger bay windows are popular locations for a daybed.

Increase Curb Appeal and Your Orlando Home’s Value with a Bay Window

Since bay windows act as both a window and a home addition, many homeowners are surprised by the value they can add to a home. Plus, bay windows add a unique touch to your home.

At The Home Builder’s Network, Inc., we’ve been working with Orlando homeowners from our headquarters in Longwood for over 15 years. Not only will we provide you with amazing, custom-manufactured windows, but our expert installation crews will install them perfectly. To find out more, contact The Home Builder’s Network today.

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