TPO Roofing

Durable and energy-efficient TPO Roofing in Orlando and Throughout Central Florida offered at the Home Builder's Network. There have been many innovations over the years in roofing for low-slope and flat roofs. One of the most exciting, relatively new products is TPO roofing. At The Home Builder’s Network, Inc., we are the Orlando-area experts when it comes to TPO installations.

Why People Are Choosing TPO Roofing in Orlando

TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin, is a single-ply roofing membrane that is available in rolls, much like other low-slope roofing materials. This makes for a relatively easy installation that is more flexible than other roofing options since TPO can be attached either mechanically or with adhesives. One of the most important features of TPO is that the individual sheets can be hot air welded together. This ensures a seamless, sealed surface.

TPO roofing provides great protection from the elements. Since the layers are welded together, it provides excellent water and wind resistance. The material also resists mold, tears, impacts, and punctures. Plus, it’s Class A fire rated, which means that it provides the highest level of protection from fire.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Choosing TPO roofing in Orlando is a great way to improve a building’s energy efficiency. While it is available in a range of colors, most people have light-colored or white TPO installed. The light colors of TPO help it reflect solar energy and heat that would otherwise be absorbed by the building it is installed on. TPO roofing is so energy efficient, in fact, that many configurations are able to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® requirements.

Turn to The Home Builder’s Network for Your TPO Roofing in Orlando

At The Home Builder’s Network, Inc., we’ve been working with residents in Orlando and throughout Central Florida for over 15 years from our headquarters in Longwood. We have extensive experience in almost every type of roofing and have the expertise needed to execute a flawless TPO installation. To find out more about our roofing options or to schedule a consultation, contact The Home Builder’s Network today.

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