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Patio Doors in Orlando & Central FL not only provide easy access to your lanai, deck, or backyard, but they also offer great visibility, so you can keep an eye on your kids as they play in the pool. Like floor-to-ceiling windows, their expansive glass surface area allows copious amounts of natural light to enter your home. This openness smooths the transition between your home and its outdoor surroundings, giving you an opportunity to tie in some of your backyard botanicals with your interior decor—perhaps a few red throw pillows on your sofa would complement those showy hibiscus bushes that bloom every summer?

Here at The Home Builder’s Network, Inc., we’ve been installing patio doors in Orlando for homeowners throughout Central Florida since 2004. Maybe you have a set of patio doors that needs to be replaced. Or, maybe you don’t currently have patio doors, but now you’re realizing how much they could enhance your home. Either way, we would be happy to install a beautiful set of patio doors for you and your family to enjoy! We offer several different styles of patio doors to choose from, including:

  • Sliding – Available in vinyl, fiberglass, or wood, these traditional sliding glass patio doors offer timeless style and convenient operation. Choose from two-, three-, and four-panel configurations.
  • Multi-Slide – These patio doors feature multiple sliding panels, so you can create an entire wall of glass that neatly nests away when opened. This option is perfect for larger spaces and creates a truly seamless transition between inside and outside.
  • Bi-fold – These versatile hybrid-style patio doors can function as standard hinged entry doors, or can be opened up to create a large entryway when you need it.
  • French doors – Just because you’re living in Florida, it doesn’t mean your home can’t have the charming elegance of the French countryside. With their wide-profile rails and stiles, central glass lites, and classic style, French doors never fail to please.

All patio doors in Orlando are equipped with the latest and greatest energy-efficient features, such as ENERGY STAR® glass packages, polyurethane-insulated frames, and heavy-duty weatherstripping to guard against heat transfer, drafts, water infiltration, and more. Our highly trained technicians will install your new patio doors with care and precision so that they look and function as advertised. And, to ensure that your installation accords with our lofty workmanship standards, our company owner will personally oversee your project.

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