Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows in Orlando provide perfect ventilation for homes in and around Central Florida. Few things affect the curb appeal of your home like windows. While traditional windows offer functionality and a classic appearance, there are many benefits to modern window designs. One of the most popular modern window designs is the sliding window. Replacing a traditional window on your Orlando home with a sliding window can let you have a window with easy operation, superior ventilation, and classic or modern aesthetics.

Why Homeowners Choose the Sliding Window Style

Unlike a single or double hung window, a sliding window opens horizontally. This simple change allows it to have many benefits compared to other designs. Some of these benefits include:

Sliding Windows in Orlando

Effortless Operation

A sliding window is extremely easy to open and close and can be placed in hard-to-reach areas if necessary. The design of a sliding window also allows you to open it any amount, giving you fine-tuned control of your airflow.

Extra Durability

There are fewer moving parts in a sliding window compared to other designs, which enhances their durability. There’s no need for counterweights or springs in a sliding window. Another nice perk of this feature is that a sliding window is usually more affordable than their more complicated cousins.

Huge Design Potential

While you may think that a sliding window can only fit in the traditional window opening, you may be limiting your imagination. A sliding window can be made in any number of sizes to create dramatic pass throughs, like from a kitchen to a patio.

Plus, like all windows from The Home Builder’s Network, Inc., your new sliding window will be completely custom-fabricated to your exact needs. You can also choose from a multitude of energy saving options, like multiple panes of glass and Low-E coatings.

The Perfect Sliding Windows In Orlando Homes

At The Home Builder’s Network, we’ve been operating throughout Orlando and Central Florida from our home base in Longwood for over a decade. Our goal is to make your dream home a reality. To chat with a window expert and schedule a consultation at your home contact us today.

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