Custom Shape Windows

Are you looking to add a unique touch to your home with custom shape windows in Orlando? Finding the right company for both manufacture and installation can be a difficult task because you want your new custom windows to be perfect. At The Home Builder’s Network, Inc., we can help. We offer a variety of window styles, frame materials, and hardware configurations so that you can customize your windows to meet your exact specifications.

Custom Shape Windows in Orlando

You can choose features to specify how your windows operate, or the level of energy efficiency they provide. For example, here are some options for the frame materials you might choose for your custom windows:

Wood Windows

Windows framed in wood offer a timeless visual appeal that looks great in any home and design scheme. Updated with modern internal materials, wood windows can offer similar or better performance than those made with more modern frame materials.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl window frames are easy to clean, affordable, and dependable. Compared to other frame materials, vinyl can usually be manufactured faster and more easily into unique shapes.

Composite Windows

Combining both wood and vinyl, composite window frames seek to offer the best of both worlds. They have a more nuanced appearance than some synthetic frame materials. Plus, their increased strength-to-weight ratio compared to other frames means that composite window frames can usually be slimmer, allowing for more expansive views.

The Company to Call for Custom Shape Windows in Orlando

No matter what options you choose for your custom shape windows in Orlando, they will be made to order to fit your home’s openings and suit your preferences. To find out more about our replacement window options or to schedule a consultation at your home, contact The Home Builder’s Network today. We serve all of Central Florida, including Orlando, from our headquarters in Longwood.

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