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Tile Roof Replacement in Punta Gorda, FL

Tile Roof Replacement in Punta Gorda

Home Builder’s Network recently did a tile roof replacement in Punta Gorda, FL, for a new client in need. The clients old tile roof was damaged during Hurricane Ian and had to be fully replaced. The old tile roof sustained cracks, displaced shingles, and lost parts of roofing. For this project the homeowner chose Windsor […]

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Metal Roof Replacement in Orlando, FL

Metal Roof Replacement in Orlando

Recently our team at the Home Builder’s Network completed a Metal Roof Replacement in Orlando, FL, for a new client. Roofing materials were supplied by Tri County Metals located in Orlando, FL. The clients old roof was worn and starting to cause problems, they knew the roof had to be replaced as soon as possible. […]

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Roof Replacement In Orlando, FL

Roof Replacement in Orlando

The Home Builder’s Network, Inc has recently completed a full roof replacement in Orlando, FL, for our new client. This roof was last replaced in 2004 and homeowners insurance company required a full roof replacement. The roof replacement included replacing the shingles, skylight, and installing new gutters. Our team then met with the client and […]

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