Metal Roof Replacement in Orlando, FL

Metal Roof Replacement in Orlando

Recently our team at the Home Builder's Network completed a Metal Roof Replacement in Orlando, FL, for a new client. Roofing materials were supplied by Tri County Metals located in Orlando, FL. The clients old roof was worn and starting to cause problems, they knew the roof had to be replaced as soon as possible. The client searched for a highly revered home improvement company, after a short search the client contacted our team at Home Builder's Network and requested a consultation. The client had let us know that they wanted to get metal roofing installed this time as metal roofing is the top of the line roofing product designed to withstand Florida's harshest weather conditions. The particular metal roofing we installed is called “Ultra Rib” and is designed to withstand winds up to 150 mph. We also installed a high temp peel and stick underlayment that is meant to maintain resilience through many years of Florida's intense temperatures. After the job was complete we did a full clean up of the job site, and made sure everything was built to the clients liking.

Metal Roof Replacement in Orlando, FL Project Details:

  • Metal: 26 GA Ultra Rib
  • Color: Cocoa Brown
  • Underlayment: Polystic TU plus high temp

Highlights and Benefits from the Project:

  • Increased value to home and neighborhood
  • Lasts longer than shingle roof
  • Energy Efficient
  • Wind resistant up to 150 mph
  • Material and Labor Warranty

“Great company! The best price I found around and great quality and speed putting in the roof.”

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